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(Himachal Marriage Bureau)

A Division of SITED,Certified by Govt. of India/Vide/Licensed. No.2/114/T-I/08/D read with notification
of the Govt. of India, No.GSR 288(E) dated 31.5.1991. Vide/Regd No: U72900P2008NPL030981.

"Himachalshaadi.com" (Himachal Marriage Bureau) is Himachal`s first & pioneering online matrimonial service portal, offering best match-making services since 2011. We assist/aware you to meet with potential life partners and build lifetime relationships. Avail best matrimony services with "Himachalshaadi.com"(Himachal Marriage Bureau) and get closer to your dream life partner.

In this jet age, when people can`t devote much time for socializing and nobody takes responsibility for others,
"Himachalshaadi.com"(Himachal Marriage Bureau) give professional services to all the strata of society for searching life partner for their children.

"Himachalshaadi.com" (Himachal Marriage Bureau)gives wider and better choice of selection to the society which results into successful happy marriages. This helps a lot to the parents. We really respect the choice of our registered members and try to understand their requirements and thereby try to give them maximum satisfaction in getting their life-partner.

"Himachalshadi.com"(Himachal Marriage Bureau) main objective is to help, aware and give proper guidance to member/s in searching suitable match, as per requirements of his/her profile. The term "Marriage" should be mutually settled between both the parties after making full enquiry about nature, faimily background etc. of concerned suitable member. "Himachalshaadi.com"(Himachal Marriage Bureau) display your profile information "As it is" provided by you. So, you are requested to provide genuine & complete informations while creating your profile on this site. Your contact details will not be shared/shown/displayed to other members, it is shared/shown/intimated to those members only whose profile`s reguirments matched to your profile`s requirements. 

"Thank you for visiting Himachalshaadi.com (Himachal Marriage Bureau)"

"We wish you the best in your search for your jeevan sathi and shaadi partner"

Featured Members
I am 26, from Bilaspur
Himachal pradesh
Brahmin | Hindu
I am 32, from Delhi
Rajput | Hindu
Post Graduation
Govt Job
I am 27, from sujanpur tira
Brahmin | hindu
Post Graduate in Biotechnology
Pvt. Sector
I am 28, from Gurgaon
Brahmin | HINDU
MMC Graduate, PG in Broadcasting
I am 31, from hamirpur
Rajput | hindu
B.sc IT, MBA
manager sales mkt
I am 30, from hamirpur
himachal pradesh
Choudhary | HINDU
I am 27, from New Delhi
Brahmin | Hindu
MBA, M.Com, UGC NET Qualified
Management Lecturer
I am 28, from Palampur
Rajput | Hindu
Btech + masters course
project manager
I am 27, from bangalore
Rajput | hinduism
B.Tech (Ele. & comm.)
Software Professtional
I am 30, from Navi Mumbai
Brahmin | Hindu
Doctor in Indian Army
I am 27, from dharmshala
Brahmin | hindu
B. Sc Nursing, MBA
Executive Manager In MNC
I am 27, from Hamirpur
Brahmin | hindu
Sr Software developer
I am 29 , from New Delhi
Brahmin | HINDU
M.Sc.M.Ed. CTET.
I am 25, from Dehra
Brahmin | hindu
MSc (biotech.)
I am 29, from Hamirpur
Rajput | HINDU
MSc.Chem. B.ed
I am 24, from Dharamsala
Other | Chamar/Hindu
Bachelor Dergee
I am 28, from bilaspur
Brahmin | Hindu
M. Pharm
Assistant Professor
I am 29, from Palampur
Rajput | Hinduism
Administrative Officer GOVT JOB
I am 28, from Palampur
Rajput | Hindu
Pursuing Ph.D
I am 36, from kangra
Himachal Pradesh
Brahmin | hindu
Mcom, Mphil, Msc(It)
govt college lecturer
I am 30, from Aurngbad
Brahmin | hindu
MA in Journalism
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Here you can search other member profiles by caste, age, gender etc. and if you like any other member profile you can click on Like profile link, so that you can see that liked profile in your Account under Marked profile area. After it, You can request contact detail of liked profiles. This facility is available to Paid Members only. Free Member shall not have such type of facility. Free Member can be contacted by paid member, if paid member partner requirements match with free member partner requirements.  (आप अपने Member Area में दायीं ओर Partner Quick Search Column देखोगे यहाँ पर आप अपने मनपसंद जीवन साथी की तलाश आयु, जाती, धर्म, आदि के आधार पर कर सकोगे | Searching करते समय अगर आपको कोई प्रोफाइल पसंद आती हैं तो आप उस प्रोफाइल पर बने Like Profile Link पर क्लिक करें, ऐसा करते ही बह प्रोफाइल आपके Member Area में दिखने लगेगी | इसी तरह आप और प्रोफाइल भी Like कर सकते हो | अब आप अपने Member Area में जाकर इन पसंद की गई Profiles की Contact Details Request कर सकते हो | Profiles Contact Details केबल Paid Member को ही दी जायेंगी | Free Member को Paid Member द्वारा Contact किया जा सकता हैं अगर Paid Member की Partner Requirements, Free Member की Partner Requirements से मिलती हो)  


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DISCLAIMER:*The purpose of this web site is to provide a platform for eligible males and females to search suitable match in their community/Locality/Religion/Caste/Region & take further steps as they deem fit.*You should be 18 years or older to register on this website.*Individuals using this web site are solely responsible for the information about themselves given on this site.*Individuals filling in the registration Form should give facts & authentic information about themselves.*Individuals using this web site agree that their conduct is subject to internet regulations, policies & procedures. They will not indulge in any unauthorized use of this web site for chain letters, junk mail, spamming etc.*Individuals using this web site shall be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their Password.*We shall not be responsible for any damages caused by loss of password or others gaining access to the database in this web site.*If as a member, you receive emails from a person who is not registered on Himachalshaadi.com, then we suggest, you make enquiries to establish the bonafides of that person, before giving any information about yourself. We are not responsible for any damages caused to you because of this.*We shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any sort arising out of use, disruption or discontinuation of this web site.*We reserve the right to delete or discontinue your record at anytime without further notice.*We shall not be responsible for any use of this service that is prohibited by law.*If you do not agree with any of the disclaimer clauses or contents on this web site, please do not register or read the material on this web site.*We Welcome comments & feedback, which we shall incorporate to the extent possible. *All images, logos, contents shown on this site are property of their respective owners & cannot be used/copied/transfer/scanned/print without prior permission of their respective owners & himachalshaadi.com. The above disclaimer is not all inclusive and is subject to change. If you agree with the above disclaimer & terms and conditions made more registration on this website then you are welcome to register on this web site.

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